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Modernize Your Call Center Hospital Operations


Modernize Your Call Center Hospital Operations

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Streamline patient care coordination and simplify complex workflows.

Effective communication is key to better patient experience. And your outdated call center solution isn't cutting it anymore.

Key Features of a Modern Call Center 

  • Cloud-Based
  • Location-Independent Virtual Call Queues
  • Two-Way Caller & Care Team Communication - Text or Voice
  • Integrated with Call Schedules
  • HIPAA Compliant

Key Benefits

  • Ensuring Patient Context Provided As Needed
  • Reducing Risk of Downtime & Costs
  • Improve Resource Allocation
  • Reduce Misdirected Communication
  • Better Call-in Experience for Patients, Reducing Loss of Provider Referrals 
  • Send Mass Notifications Instantly

Ready to turn your medical contact center into a patient engagement center? Learn how PerfectServe can help.