Tired of using multiple clinical communication systems?

Unify the patient experience, reduce spending and connect clinicians system-wide by deploying PerfectServe's Clinical Communication Solution across all locations.


- Unified directory for the entire health care system 

- Push notifications routed by priority rules 

- Listen and respond to messages via voice-to-text transcription 

- Access all messages in a single inbox 

- Send the right message to the right person at the right time 

- Manage care team schedules efficiently

How We Support Our Partners

Executive Message

Dear Northern California

As we think about the opportunity to continue working alongside your organization, we are confident we will be the best partner who will support your journey to replace the manual and scattered niche solutions across TPMG, and transition to a smarter, automated, more optimized and advanced scheduling workflow across your region, achieving the best patient and provider experience possible by: 

1.   Advancing schedule digitization to enhance your provider and care team experience:  We will support schedule access anywhere, anytime through a fully digitized, real-time platform that improves transparency to accurate schedule information and enhances the provider experience, bringing the greatest joy back to your care team. 

2.   Supporting all scheduling needs across your organization:  We will provide the best and most robust platform for every scheduling use case across TPMG.  COVID has dramatically changed the world, and for our customers, COVID has created opportunities for us to be better partners by providing solutions to help with COVID-related challenges.  We commit to supporting the traditional schedule use cases indicated in your RFP, such as call, hospital, and clinic coverage; non-clinical assignment scheduling; as well as COVID-specific schedule needs as we navigate this pandemic together (e.g., COVID-surge scheduling, workspace/room scheduling and vaccination scheduling).

3.   Delivering the most optimal ‘Speed to Care’ approach:  We are confident that a partnership with us will provide your organization the greatest gains in efficiency delivered through the most sophisticated, automated scheduling solution paired with the most seamless integrations.  Additionally, as the only vendor in the marketplace to support scheduling and a comprehensive, first in class communication solution, we can deliver the best speed to care workflows through a leading-edge communication asset for TPMG. 

4.   Supporting you with the best, most experienced subject matter experts:  Our team is our greatest strength.  We will support our partnership with the most dedicated in-house experts to guide, execute and provide support to achieve "speed to care", improve quality, and increase provider satisfaction for the duration of our engagement together. 

5.   Building a collaborative relationship to foster innovation and growth: We strive to maintain partnerships that are foundationally based on continuous collaboration and innovation.  As your partner, we will dedicate our time and effort to ensure that we understand and develop a strategy together to meet your current needs, as well as maintain flexibility to solidify and accelerate your objectives and your growth as an organization in the future. In addition to the above, I personally commit to remain an active member of this team and always be available in order to cultivate and promote a long-term strategic and meaningful partnership that we mutually strive for and envision. On behalf of the Lightning Bolt organization, thank you for your partnership. If there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 


Mary Piepenbrink, GM, SVP | Lightning Bolt

What the Industry Is Saying

Replace Outdated Technology


Savings Per Year

One network with 175 locations replaced 

answering services and pagers and have 

been able to save more than $680k annually. 

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Decrease Costs

No Billing


One ambulatory site saved $13,000 per year.

That's $650,000 when implemented across a system with 50 locations.

 Consolidate Vendors


Cost Reduction


One IDN with 22 hospitals and over 1400 locations saw a 21% cost reduction when they standardized answering service workflows with PerfectServe.

Other Benefits

- Unify the Patient Experience

- Improve Provider Satisfaction 

- Consolidate Vendors and Save

- Cloud-Based, HIPAA Compliant, 
  SOC2 Certified 

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